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SVIG has invested in a company called Mobi-Holdings based in the UK.
Tue, September 27th, 2011

Mobi-Holdings is a holding company that will offer multiple products and application that are aimed at social apps on mobile devices. The initial product offering (BuddyApps) will be based on social gambling, funding of social activities, money transfer and services that will promote direct marketing and promotion of the users base.

MobiDough has received funding from the SK group from Korea
October 2010

The investment is a validation of MobiDough’s Mobile Platform Solution.

MobiDough launches QSkip to m-pay electricity bills in Kolkata
Fri, 02 Apr. 2010

MOBIDough has launched its bill payment service in India under the brand name QSkip. Our first pilot program for electricity bill management with the West Bengal Electric utility is currently underway. The service is being offered to a limited user base in Kolkata, and the pilot program is to be completed by June.

MOBIDough's Bill Payment solution provides a simple and secure method for consumers to make their bill payments in a matter of minutes from any phone, using a range of fund sources (bank account, credit card, cash card). The solution is unique from other bill payment solutions in that it provides a complete front to back billing solution (generation, presentation, payment and reconciliation) for the service provider the mobile billing applications delivers significant cost savings and improved cash flow. This is a long-standing problem that MobiDough’s mCommerce solution can solve and is unique in the industry.

MobiDough is a U.S. software company with offices in California and India that started with a vision to enable enterprises quickly implement and deploy mobile commerce solutions. We made it our initial focus to solve the problem of the ubiquitous lines in India for accomplishing basic day-to-day tasks such as bill payment or buying tickets

MobiDough signed with utilities in India
Mon, 12 Oct 2009

MobiDough has signed agreements with two large utilities in India that will give them access to 30 million customers.

In both cases the utilities will be promoting MobiDough by providing incentives to there customer base to use MobiDough Services.

MobiDough plans to go live with its services in selected markets this month with full deployment early 2010.

DAC'46: ESL trends in the Semiconductors
Mon, 10 Aug 2009

Luca Ferro, professor assistant at TIMA laboratory attended to DAC'46. He shares his findings & feelings on ESL trends in the Semiconductor Industry.

"I had had the feeling I faced two distinct complementary worlds: on one hand, the well-known and trusted world of RTL, on the other hand the emerging ESL world. Current adoption of the latter does not seem to be a straightforward process, neither for modeling SoCs, nor for IP verification purposes.

Attendees in these focused workshop sessions often emphasized "raising the abstraction level", strengthening in the meantime bottlenecks and pitfalls still on the road preventing smooth integration of these leading-edge technologies.

In the field, a few tools are heading towards a concrete integration of ESL capabilities. Some companies even ring astonishingly reluctant to move towards these new trends. With the increase of SoCs features driven by the consumers, design complexity will blatantly become unmanageable, unavoidably leading to the adoption of scalable higher abstraction languages, methodologies and tools. This is a matter of time."

Mobidough completes series A funding of $750,000
Tue, June 30 2009

Lead investor was SVIG Holding

SVIG has been involved with MobiDough for the past 12 months and is excited about the company progress and prospects moving forward. We believe MobiDough has a unique offering for bill presentation, payment along with services for purchasing and payment that will allow it to become the dominate player in India for mCommerce

About MobiDough

MobiDough's patent pending, Mobile Ordering and Payment System (MOPSTM) allows secure commercial and financial transactions using cell phone. It enables service providers, merchants, financial institution and end users to transact in real time using various channels such as SMS, USSD, WEB, WAP and IVR. The platform is capable of delivering diverse applications and products across various industries including, but not limited to:

  • Bill processing (back-end integrated with vendor), bill presentation (push to cell phone) and bill payment (financial integration with back-end reconciliation with vendor)
  • Event reservations & ticketing - concerts, movies, sports
  • Travel - Air, Train, Bus, Hotels
  • Food Ordering and payment
  • Sports betting, Lottery
  • Money transfer - P2P, B2P, B2B
  • Location Based Services without GPS
  • Coupons and Target Marketing
  • Calendaring/Reminder/Alert Services

SVIG on Social Networks
Tue, June 30 2009

SVIG is now present on famous social networks. Follow our news on TWITTER micro-blog at, and on linkedIn.
AdSemble goes International
Thu, June 18 2009

nMotion technologies, Inc. is proud to announce a new partnership with the Onext Media Corporation, marking an important milestone in our company's history; the international expansion of AdSemble into the Canadian market, Matthew Olivieri, Co-Founder & CEO, made the announcement.

"Expanding internationally has always been one of our long term objectives. From day one, we knew we wanted to build a marketplace that brought both Digital Out-of-Home networks and Advertisers together in a open market exchange, worldwide. Thankfully, our overwhelming success in the U.S. has put us in a position to move into the international space much sooner than expected.

Onext's unique ability to drill all the way down into a single venue is what turned them on to the AdSemble marketplace offering. The AdSemble marketplace will now help them realize potential new advertisers they did not previously have easy access to.

Starting today, advertisers will now be able to research, buy and measure advertising space across 21 digital out-of-home networks, spanning more than 250,000+ screens in both the U.S. and Canada."

MobiDough entered in agreements with Indian States as Preferred Provider
Tue, 28 Apr 2009

MobiDough currently has entered into multiple agreements with states in India as the preferred provider for utilities for billing and payment. MobiDough is providing a system that sends the electricity, broadband, landline, cell or tax bill to the customer mobile phones. The customer can then view and pay the bill all from his mobile phone using the MOPS program. This solution will work on all phones and with all carriers and is faster and easer to use than most PC based payment solutions and far superior to any offering available on a cell phone. The customer can pay via bank; credit or cash card via the MOPS program. MobiDough proprietary MOPS system integrates tightly with the utilities back end environment, where our product (MOPS) generates and sends the bill to the customer phone, handles the bank transaction, updates the utility databases and sends a confirmation to the user. The integration is so tight a user can initiate a request to view balance and recent payments or to make a payment at any time from a cell phone using our proprietary SMS GUI and MOPS solution. MobiDough will have access to over 21 million customers and has started a phased role to these customers. Additional agreements with other states are underway and announcement will made this summer.
BendHomeLoan supports Obama's ARRA mortgage plan
Sun, 19 Apr 2009

SVIG has funded a company to begin selling mortages and services in Oregon. Key to the project is the integration of Sales Force Software Sky Computing concept to power the customer facing aspect of the software and google to bring customers to the web site. The integration will be implemented by Real Intelligence another SVIG investment. Once the application is running we will license the software to other mortgage brokers to manage there agents, customers and banks. Bertrand Blanc, Technologist Partner at SVIG, says there were over 56,000 mortage brokerage firms in the US before the housing downturn. By 2009 there will be only 30,000 and those firms will need to have cost effective tools to stay competitive. The tools bring customer to the web site and insure leads and customers are moved through the sales process that can be tracked and managed via the web.
SVIG believes in eco-energy and invests in new wind turbine technologies
Wed, 15 Apr 2009

SVIG has been looking at renewable energy opportunities for the past several years. The problem with most opportunities in renewable energy relied on manufacturing and did not involve new technology that could dramatically improve what was available. SVIG is now looking at a some exciting technology in the area of solar and wind that we feel may have the ability to provide a unique advantage over what is in the market today. The timing is also good as the ARRA Obama plan is expected to change the very nature of American energy, from the way we use it to the way we generate it. And it's why President Obama inserted a "down payment" of mammoth proportions into the stimulus bill, roughly $70 billion or more in grants, loans and loan guarantees for Chu to hand out for high-tech research and commercial projects for renewable energy such as biofuels and wind, solar and geothermal power. That's nearly three times as much as the baseline Energy Department budget and more than the annual budgets of the Labor and Interior departments combined. The timing is good to invest and take advantage of these programs so as to have a strong market presence as the countires like US and India embrace and promote renewable energy.
MobiDough launches m-gambling activities
Wed, 09 Apr 2009

MobiDough is a US corporation with offices in India that has developed an innovative, patent pending, mobile commerce (m-Commerce) platform that enables all cell phone users the ability to securely and conveniently shop, purchase and pay using their cell phone. Mobile Ordering and Payment System (MOPS) support's SMS, GPRS and Voice. MOPS works equally well on low-end mobile phones or expensive PDAs. MobiDough's products are highly scalable and ideally suited for offering applications such as bill payment, ticket purchase and banking. MobiDough has recently announced that it will license its technology to deliver a proven solution for gambling. MobiDough will be providing a complete betting and payment system that will allow user of low end phones using SMS to receive schedules and odds so they can bet real time on soccer, rugby and horse racing. The proven solution allows internet gambling company to quickly and easily provide a product for the masses and will work the same on any phone.
nMotion Technologies creates a new Advertisement auction-based business model
Wed, 01 Apr 2009

nMotion technologies mission is to make advertising across multiple digital out-of-home networks easy and effective. As a first step in achieving that mission, nMotion technologies' founders Matthew Olivieri, Arshdeep Mand and Philip Sheffield developed a new approach to the plan, buy and measure process of digital out-of-home advertising. Their online tool, AdSemble, consolidates complex information across multiple digital out-of-home advertising networks and displays it through one simple and easy to understand interface.